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Why is recycling good for you or your organization?

Believe it or not, recycling can save you money. Every time you take something to a landfill, you have to pay a tipping fee. As landfills fill up and move away from our community, they become costlier.

Recyclables, however, get re-sold back into our economy. While it still costs money to take these materials and prepare them for re-use, this creates jobs and ultimately bring more value than these materials sitting idle somewhere on a pile of dirt (and with the limited resources that we have, these materials will only become more valuable as demand grows).

Recycling is good because it can save you money, it protects resources for future generations, and creates job opportunities in our economy.


What and how can you recycle in New Orleans?

As a citizen of New Orleans, you can register for a free recycling bin here or call 311.

As a business, you can call any number of companies who can help you recycle, such as Republic Services. Learn more here. Get a free consultation by joining this platform!

First Grace Church has put bins throughout their building and educated members of all ages in their community – some of whom began recycling for the first time ever. By increasing recycling and reducing their waste, they saved $1,500 annually that can be repurposed back into their ministry.