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St. Martin's Episcopal School



For over 60 years, St. Martin's Episcopal School has built a reputation for excellence among New Orleans' independent college-preparatory schools. Though located in the suburbs of New Orleans, St. Martin's has been committed to serve as a metropolitan school not limited to or dominated by a particular neighborhood, area, or social grouping. This metropolitan approach has been an integral part of the school's history and remains a consistent element of the school community today. Leadership is nurtured here by a distinctive faith-based approach to learning. The mission of St. Martin's Episcopal School is to prepare students to thrive in college and in life through faith, scholarship, and service.


St. Martin's in the news:Students offer ideas for improving New Orleans' downtown transportation:

"Teaching problem-solving and leadership skills was the focus of the Leadership + Design Summer NOLA workshop held July 30 through Aug. 1 at the Solomon Group office at 825 Girod St.

The workshop provided an opportunity for high school students and teachers to use design-inspired solutions to tackle real-world issues. The program is part of a partnership of The Idea Lab at St. Martin's Episcopal School, the Solomon Group and Leadership + Design." Read more here.
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