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Diversified Energy LLC's Owner, Chief Energy Analyst, and Building Science Consultant Jeff Haag is a member of Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) and Building Performance Institute (BPI) and carries a Level 1 Infrared certification. Jeff's background is in psychology and finance but changed his focus and started his energy efficiency and inspection business in 2000 when the Louisiana HERO Program got kicked off. Since then he has expanded his range of services and inspections in the field of residential energy efficiency, sustainability and performance.

At Diversified Energy, we help our clients decrease utility bills, increase comfort and safety in their homes, while reducing their carbon footprint and discuss all potential government incentive programs. Most importantly, our hot/humid swampy Louisiana climate demands a different type of knowledge and expertise than what is required from all other ares of the United States. We take a very logical and practical approach to what works and doesn't work in our climate zone. We will provide recommended improvements based on their cost-effectiveness, practicality, and for all detected home health and safety issues.
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