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"What gets measured, gets done."

It’s an old cliché, but we think metrics can motivate when progress can be easily seen. That’s why we created this platform for communities to decide what matters most to them and help provide resources and rewards for those who can help achieve it. Value Louisiana is a local Initiative created to help grow our economy here in a way that also uplifts our human and natural resources. We hope this platform can help demonstrate that the best way to grow an economy is through shared value: value for business and the community at the same time.

Our Mission

Provide a platform that supports communities in maximizing social, environmental, and economic resources through locally-driven data.

What You Can Do

1. Individuals: Set up your user profile and tell us what you do – track your impact and learn about what you can do to support a more sustainable region.

2. Organizations: Claim your business in our region’s neighborhood districts and tell us how you are supporting a sustainable economy – let us help you discover the financial returns of social and environmental impact.

Our Team

LifeCity and GivePulse united under one vision – help people measure their impact so that we can build a better world more easily, quickly, and affordably. We want to help you do what you already want to do – grow your business, support causes, and learn about your community – without having to wonder where to go or how to do it. Together we can spend less time counting and more time experiencing the joys of a stronger community and economy.


We are just getting started and welcome your feedback and questions. Email